What is an alpaca?  Alpacas originated from the South American camelid.  They look like a small llama (but way cooler) and are only about 150 to 200 pounds, most often raised  for their fiber.

How often are they sheared?  Just once a year.  We then use a fiber co-op so small farms like ours can combine fiber and sell awesome alpaca products like mittens, socks and hats. Each time an alpaca is sheared, you will get approximately 5 to 10 pounds of fiber per alpaca.

Do they spit?  For the most part, no.  However they can get irritated with each other over food and will spit at eachother but rarely at people.

What do they eat?  They mainly graze on grass as long as it is available.  However in the cold North Dakota winters they eat hay.  Occasionally we give them treats, like during a farm tour, and they always have access to free choice minerals. 

Are they awesome?  Yes! We currently have 32 adorable alpacas.  Eleven boys and twenty one girls. We are excited to breed every year and have crias (baby alpaca) born on the farm.  Alpaca gestation in 11 and a half months!

Do you do tours?  Tours are done by appointment only.  You can schedule a tour from the "Book Online" section at the top of the page. Select "Farm Tours" and pick the date and time that work best for you! 

How do I get to the farm?  Please use Google Maps to get to the farm.  If you type in Happy Rock Farm ND into Google maps you will have no problem getting here. However, putting in the address will not get you here.