Ruby is a very kind and curious girl. She is a non-registered female that is approximately 5 years old and a real stunner.  She is a light fawn color and she has fantastic lush fiber.  She likes attention from her owners and warms up to visitors quickly.



Introducing Lilly!  Lilly is a younger female from our original herd of 22 alpacas.  She was sick when she arrived at the farm and we had to treat her for skin issues that were causing her to lose the fiber on her legs.  She basically has the alpaca version of eczema.  She may have some skin issues that need monitoring, but that does not keep her from being a socialite.  She is the most friendly of the girls and loves to be scratched on the neck and back.  She tends to hang around the barn a little longer just in case someone decides it might be a great time to pet an alpaca.



Anastasia was our second cria (baby alpaca) born at Happy Rock Farm on June 21, 2020. She has been the "fun one" ever since she was born.  She has been doing laps around all the other babies on the farm, literally.  She has a gorgeous medium brown fleece.   She is a real beauty.



Dyson is an unregistered 4 year old true black beauty. Her fiber is some of the softest ever!  Weighing in at only 110 pounds she is a petite little thing. She is a sweet young lady who loves to eat snacks from your hand. Dyson LOVES snacks.  She spends most of her time near her mother, Davida, but likes to stretch those legs for laps around the paddock.  She has always had a tiny limp on one of her back legs but that doesn't slow her down at all.



Goldy is an unregistered 4 year old intact male. Goldy is named after the professional baseball first baseman Paul Goldschmidt aka Goldy.  When he first arrived at the farm he was a tiny little nugget but has really come into his own in the last few years.  His looks are still striking but he is a "talker"!  He hums almost constantly. Hums are often comfort noises, letting the other alpacas know they are present and content.  If you are looking for a good-looking guy who likes to talk... Goldy is your man.



Are you looking for a big loveable guy to adopt?  Gus is your man. He is most definitely large and in charge, coming in at 220 lbs, he is our largest alpaca on the farm.  Gus is an unregistered male approximately 5 years old with lots of soft fluffy fiber to hug.



Wyllow is a show stopper.  A beautiful female cria born on Happy Rock Farm 20 June 2020.  She is growing fast and it would be fun to follow her journey as her adoptee.  She has just started halter training as we would love to take her to an official alpaca competition.



Luna is our youngest alpaca on the farm.  She was born on 4 June 2021 and from the day she was born she was ready to run.  She loves her mama, Reece, and spending most of her days close to her side to nurse.  But in those off times you can find her running and playing in the pasture.  She is a gorgeous dark brown with loads of soft fluffy fleece.  Adopt Luna now to follow her journey and watch her grow.



Cysco is a 1 year old registered male.  Sweet Cysco hasn't had the easiest of starts.  His mother passed away a few months after his birth and needed to be bottle feed for a while until he got a handle on hay and started to gain weight.  Now he is thriving!  He has a best buddy, Flash, with whom he spends most of his days.  Both orphans they have a special connection.  Adopt Cysco to follow his journey!